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Welcome to Pay-As-You-Go (but presently FREE) Patent Fetcher®!

After you perform a patent search at your favorite patent Web site (e.g. the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) and EPO esp@cenet Web sites), you can do a patent download here - resulting in the complete patent or patent application as one single file in the popular PDF format.

On our Pay-As-You-Go Patent Fetcher site, you are supposed to pay only US$0.65 (65 cents!) to download Patent PDFs from the entire collection of U.S. patents and published patent applications, as well as any foreign publications for which there are images at the EPO Web site, but our payment provider left us in the lurch, and until we finish our development of a replacement payment solution, patent downloads are free. In exchange for paying this small fee (free at the moment), you get:

  • High speed patent downloads of patent PDFs via a separate server with dedicated bandwidth, with full access to millions of patents and published patent applications from the U.S. and from over two dozen other countries and regional patent offices.
  • And other features soon...

Just click on the link below to continue and give it a try:

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Looking for our Free Patent Fetcher, which offers lower speed downloads, has a limit on the number of daily patent downloads, and only provides access to U.S. patents and published applications? It's now permanently at Also, click here to learn more about your various Patent Fetcher options including subscriptions.

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